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persephone Rises

a collaboration between theatre & visual artists

Persephone Rises is a site-specific theatrical installation created by visual and theatre artists from Daughters of Troy. The project excavates the layers of the Persephone myth to explore the complexity of our own desires, particularly the contradictions between the stories we tell and the secrets we keep. The project was selected by Barton Booth for a week long residency on Governors Island. 


Presentations of the work-in-progress and an exhibition of artwork inspired by the theme were held on Saturday, Sept 2 & Sunday, Sept 3 in House 8A in Nolan Park on Governors Island. For more info on the residency visit

Dido & Aeneas

adapted by aubrey saverino

Dido & Aeneas is a short verse play adapted from John Dryden's translation of Virgil's The Aeneid. Aubrey began developing the play at New York Foundation for the Arts in 2013 with Lisa Szolovits, Kersti Bryan, Nick Dillenburg, and Benjamin Diskant. It was selected for Red Bull Theatre's 2015 Short New Play Festival and directed by Evan Yionoulis at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Monday, July 13, 2015.

Vivia Font directed a workshop of the play at Dixon Place with Aubrey Saverino, Eric Pargac, Brooke M. Haney and Andrew Dahl on Monday, November 21, 2016. The play was published by Red Bull Theatre and Stage Rights in 2017 and can be purchased in Volume III of Red Bull Shorts

don't make me beautiful

by brooke m. Haney

Don't Make Me Beautiful was developed and presented as a workshop for the Daughters of Troy residency on Governors Island in 2016. It is inspired by the Oenone story. Performed by Brooke M. Haney, Courtney Silber, and Bryan Cortez, with input from Cody Ayres. Visual Artist/Performers were Hadieh Afshani, Kate Goltseva, and Michael Nicholas. 

clytemnestra & agamemnon 

by rachael jenison

Developed and presented the Daughters of Troy residency on Governors Island in 2016 and at Dixon Place on November 21, 2016. Performed by Rachael Jenison and Andrew Hutcheson, directed by Brooke M. Haney. 


by erin adams

Performed by Erin Adams at the Daughters of Troy residency on Governors Island in August, 2016. 

what you owe your widow

by catherine gowl

Performed by Alexis Dahl in a workshop production at Dixon Place on November 21, 2016. 


by Charlotte Bydwell

Performed by Charlotte Bydwell and Hailey Elizabeth, directed by Aubrey Saverino at Dixon Place on November 21, 2016. 


by deb radloff

Performed by Deb Radloff, Andrew Hutcheson and Amy Blackman at Dixon Place on November 21, 2016. 

kiss me or cut off my head

adapted by brooke m. haney

From the poetry by Sheryl St. Germain
Based on the Medusa Myth

September 2012: Fully staged site-specific workshop at Pristine Beach in Palawan, Philippines. Directed by Chris Carcione with a focus on creating a visual theatrical experience for an audience whose primary language was not English.

November 2014: Incorporated audio and video interviews with survivors of sexual assault in the US and Kenya. Presented at Sarah Lawrence College. Directed by Chris Carcione.

January 2015: Pittsburgh workshop performance in partnership with Chatham University at Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. Directed by Chris Carcione.

August 2015: The New York Premiere of KISS ME OR CUT OFF MY HEAD, to benefit Margaret's Safe Place, at Soho Photo Gallery, from August 20 - September 5. Directed by Tracy Bersley.

April 2016: New 15-minute adaptation presented by The Oneness Project in collaboration with the RADD Festival. Directed by Chris Carcione.

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