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persephone Rises

Persephone Rises is a site-specific theatrical installation created by visual and theatre artists from Daughters of Troy. The project excavates the layers of the Persephone myth to explore the complexity of our own desires, particularly the contradictions between the stories we tell and the secrets we keep. The project was selected by Barton Booth for a week long residency on Governors Island. 

Artistic Director Aubrey Saverino & Artistic Producer Brooke M. Haney worked with Art Curator Natalie Burlutskaya from RE:ARTISTE to select fourteen visual artists from all over the world including Iran, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Greece and China. Their work elucidates some piece of the Persephone myth and includes photography, sculpture, painting, projections, installations, and performance art. We then brought in professional theatre artists, as well as an apprentice company of young women, who devised work inspired by both the artwork and the myth that included dance, music, storytelling, and participatory one-on-one experiences with audience members. 


Presentations of the work-in-progress and an exhibition of artwork inspired by the theme were held on Saturday, Sept 2 & Sunday, Sept 3 in House 8A in Nolan Park on Governors Island. The project is still currently in development. For more info on the residency visit

Theatre makers 

Alexis McGuinness
Aubrey Saverino
Brooke M. Haney
Catherine Gowl
Courtney Silber*
Deb Radloff
Deidre Works

Jordan Tyson*

Kiara Méndez*
Liz Mattera*
Mariana King*

Michelle Beck

Nicole Morales*
Rachael Jenison

Visual artists

Alivia Chapla

Andreas Theologitis
Annie Cunningham

Anna Nicole*

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya
Hadieh Afshani
Kate Goltseva

Kristen Williams
Leah Miriam-Cooper
Liz Brown

Mensur Bojda
Natalie Burlutskaya
Ronit Levin Delgado
Yelena Lezhen
Yu Chuan Chang

Creative team

Aubrey Saverino, Artistic Director
Brooke M. Haney, Artistic Producer & Director of the Apprentice Program
Natalie Burlutskaya, Art Curator

* Member of the Apprentice Program 

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